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Skoppelmaai (Swing) Polka
Slaap soet liefste
So lang die boom sal bloeien
Sobre Las Olas (Over the Waves), Loveliest night of the year Rosas, Juventino Webster, Paul Francis

O'er die water Wals = the loveliest night of the year A song made popular in mid-century was “The Loveliest Night of the Year”, sung by Mario Lanza and perhaps others. The English lyrics were written by Paul Francis Webster (1907-1984). The American version was an adaptation of a song written by the Mexican composer, Juventino Rosas Cadenas (1868-1894), called “Sobre Las Olas” (Over the Waves). This is a beautiful waltz, and one of my favorite songs. The English lyrics have nothing to do with the Spanish lyrics. They are a complete rewrite. Actually, I found several variations of the Spanish lyrics, but I selected two stanzas from different versions that fit well together, and I consider the result a single song. The Spanish version is superior to the English version. Below I have given the English lyrics of “The Loveliest Night of the Year”, as well as the Spanish lyrics of “Sobre las Olas”. I have provided my own translation of the Spanish lyrics, but I have not attempted to fit them to the melody. In other words, my translation doesn’t pretend to pass as a new set of lyrics. THE LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR When you are in love, It’s the loveliest night of the year, Stars twinkle above And you almost can touch them from here. Words fall into rhyme Any time you are holding me near. When you are in love, It’s the loveliest night of the year. :Waltzing along in the blue, Like a breeze drifting over the sand, Thrilled by the wonder of you And the wonderful touch of your hand and My heart starts to beat Like a child’s when a birthday is near. So kiss me, my sweet. It’s the loveliest night of the year. (Repeat starting at :) SOBRE LAS OLAS ¡Que dulce vaivén de las olas tranquilas del mar! ¡Que lindas se ven en la playa gentil resbalar! Su grato rumor forma un canto de mágico son, Y su color de esperanza es emblema de amor. Pero con horrísono son De terrible y feroz tempestad Sopla el rudo aquilón. En sus olas se ve majestad. Yerguen se en fiera altivez En montaña de espuma y cristal, Y con estruendo después A la playa a morir se van. En la inmensidad de las olas flotando te vi, Y al irte a salvar por tu vida la mía perdí. La dulce visión en mi alma indeleble grabó La tierna pasión que la dicha y la paz me robó. Si el eco de mi dolor Tu refugio llegare a turbar, Te seguirá el amor. No te niegues su pena escuchar, Que el viento te llevarà Los gemidos de mi corazón, Y siempre repetirá Los acentos de mi canción. What a lovely motion of the tranquil waves of the sea! How beautiful they look as they slide onto the gentle beach! Their pleasant murmur forms a song of magical sound And their color is the emblem of the hope of love. But with the horrible sound Of the terrible, fierce storm, Blows the violent North wind. Majesty appears in its waves. They rise in wild arrogance In a mountain of foam and crystal, And with a great noise afterwards They return to the beach to die. In the immensity of the floating waves, I saw you, And when I went to save you, for your life, I lost mine. The sweet vision in my soul carved indelibly The tender passion that robbed me of fortune and peace. If the echo of my sorrow Should come to disturb your refuge, Love will follow you. Do not refuse to listen to its pain, For the wind will bring you The plaints of my heart And will always repeat The strains of my song. ------------ About the author Thomas Keyes: I have written two books: A SOJOURN IN ASIA (non-fiction) and A TALE OF UNG (fiction), neither published so far. I have studied languages for years and traveled extensively on five continents. Email:

Soebat Wals
Soen Wals
Soentjie Wals
Soepvlees Polka
Soetlief Wals
Sonder U

Die Baanbrekers, gespeel tesame met Daar kom tant Alie

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