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Outydse Barndans
Outydse wals
Pappegaai Polka
Peet se dinge van Staden, Peet PDF icon Peet se Dinge Polka.pdf
Perdewa Polka
Piccanin Baandans
Piet Grootman
Piet se banjo
Piet se wals

Herhinder baie aan "Ver in die Vrystaat by jou"

Pietersburg Settees
Pinana booi
Platina Polka
Polka GR27

GR 27

Polka GR28
Polka GR42
Polka GR54

konsertina yodel, staatmaker polka

Pollie Wit Wals
Potchefstroom Wals
Rand Polka
Resiesbaan Settees
Riempies Polka
Rietspruit Galope
Rina se polka
Roksak Medley

Sarie Marais, hou die roksak toe

Rooi Dagbreek
Rooi Settees
Rooiblom Polka
Rooidag-toe Polka PDF icon Rooidag_toe_Polka.pdf
Rooipoort Vastrap
Rooivlerk Wals
Ruk en pluk Polka
Rus verstoote Wals
Rustenburg Vastrap
Sandveld Settees
Sannie gee my brood Settees
Sarel se Wals
Sarie Marais
Saterdagaand Settees

Katrina / moenie oom Kool

Sê my hart
Seleksies van ou walse

Brandewyn laat my staan, Jan Pierewiet, spaanse wals, ek is my mamma se enigste kind,

Seleksies van Polkas (Vier Springbokke)

Sarie Marais, bobbejaan klim die berg, vanaand gaan die volkies koring sny, aai aai die witbors kraai

Seleksies van Polkas (Vyf Dagbrekers)

Sarie Marais, we are marching to Pretoria

Settees GR28
Settees GR54
Shannon Wals

Shannon Waltz first recorded by East Texas Serenaders (Daniel H Williams - Fiddle, John Munnerlyn - tenor banjo, Cloet Hamman - guitar, Henry Bogan - violin cello)
Recorded on Thursday, 25 October 1928 in Dallas, TX
Master number DAL-721, released on Brunswick 282

Silver Dollar

Jack Palmer with Clarke van Ness created "Aunt Jemina (Silver Dollar)" (1939), for an Aunt Jemina pancakes advertisement, and "Silver Dollar (Down and out)" (1950).

(Written by Alfred Williams, ca. 1907)

A man without a woman is like a ship without a sail,
Is like a boat without a rudder, a kite without a tail.
A man without a woman is like a wreck upon the sand,
And if there's one thing worse, in this universe,
It's a woman, I said, a woman, it's a woman without a man!

Now you can roll a silver dollar 'cross the bar-room floor,
And it'll roll, 'cause it's round.
A woman never knows what a good man she's got,
Until she puts him down!

So listen, my honey, listen to me,
I want you to understand,
Just like a silver dollar goes from hand to hand,
A woman goes from man to man.
(Without a doubt).
A woman goes from man to man.


Jack Palmer & Clarke van Ness - 1939

Silver threads among the gold

Word jou goue hare silver = Silver threads among the gold

Hart Peace Danks of New Haven, Connecticut was already and experienced composer of sacred songs, singer and conductor, when he spotted a poem in a Wisconsin farm journal edited by Eben Rexford, as authority on gardening and floriculture. Rexford was in the habit of wroting poems as space fillers in his magazine. He sold a group of poems to Danks, and one of them was "Silver Threads Among The Gold". The rest, as they say, is history. The song sold over two million copies in the 19th century alone and perhaps more in this century.

Joe Liles, a Texan, a barbershop singer and writer of songs in several styles, felt that such a beautiful chorus needed appropriate verse. He composed both words and music.

Danks composed over 1,200 songs but died alone and in poverty in Philadelphia. He and Rexford are remembered today only by this song. Joe Liles lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin and is an active member of SPEBSQSA, Inc.

Words by Eben E. Rexford (1846-1916) and Joe Liles (1930- )
Music by H.P. Danks (1834-1903) and Joe Liles (1930- )

Silwerboom Wals