Eileen Alannah wals

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Recorded in 1913 by John McCormack. Written by E. S. Marble and John Rodgers Thomas.agus a stor in irish means 'and, my darling'alannah is another endearment so it means "eileen, my sweetheart and my darling" John McCormack recorded Eileen Alannah in 1913. So it's older than 1913. E.S.Marble's daughter renewed his US copyright in the mid-1930's, so I would presume, perhaps wrongly, the Marble was American or an immigrant to America.[NB. There is a completely different, yet similarly-titled song, 'Eileen Alanna Asthore', by Henry Blossom and Victor Herbert.]  Permanent Link - http://www.tobarandualchais.co.uk/fullrecord/4156/1 

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